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See ClearChoice doctors explain the factors involved in providing you an accurate, all-inclusive price. Also, hear from ClearChoice smile recipients on how they made
a lasting investment in themselves.

Formal Training

  • ClearChoice network prosthodontists typically have Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD) degree with Master’s degree or Certificate in Prosthodontics  

  • ClearChoice network Oral surgeons generally complete DDS degrees, with internships or residencies in oral and maxillofacial surgery, and many in the network are dual-degree MDs

The Doctors in the ClearChoice Network Are:

  • Highly skilled with the singular mission of making quality dental implant treatment more attainable for everyone.

  • Researchers, innovators, and collaborators working diligently to ensure we're all on the cutting-edge
    of dental implant technology and care.

  • Accessible, enthusiastic and trustworthy professionals striving to do what's best of each other and the patients they serve.

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A Nationwide Network


For over 18 years, ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers® have provided innovative and quality dental implant care to patients across the United States. Each center is focused on the same mission—to make quality dental implant treatment more convenient, more affordable and more attainable for everyone who’s looking for a permanent solution to chronic dental issues.

It’s clear that our approach to dental implants is working. By assembling all of the experts and elements needed for successful treatment together in one center, we give people new smiles, and new leases on life, faster and better than ever imagined.

The ClearChoice one location, one team, one cost approach revolutionized dental implant treatment and has become preferred method for treatment for many people. Today, there are over 96 ClearChoice Centers in the growing network. ClearChoice doctors share information among their peers, discuss new developments and collaborate on research. Staying in line with the latest industry standards is just one way that ClearChoice doctors are committed to providing quality care and expertise to patients at each ClearChoice Center across the nation.

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