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The ClearChoice


One Team

Our team of ClearChoice network doctors work together to deliver excellent treatment to their patients. We believe that when the prosthodontist speaks directly with the oral surgeon and the lab technician, face-to-face, the team is able to deliver a better patient experience. Every prosthodontist and oral surgeon goes through a specialized onboarding process to ensure assimilation into the network at a successful level. We look for prosthodontists and oral surgeons with experience and excellence in treating their patients. We believe that a dedicated team of professionals, with a specific focus on just dental implants, is a key strength of the ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers.

One Location

Traditionally, dental implants require several visits to specialists in several locations, and the teeth are created at an off-site lab and shipped to the office. If any adjustments needed to be made, the teeth would need to be shipped back to the lab. At ClearChoice, we have combined all of the necessary elements for successful dental implant treatment in a single location. The consultation, lab work, creation of the teeth, the procedure and recovery are all housed in a single center.

ClearChoice Management Services 

ClearChoice Management Services, LLC (CCMS) holds a business partnership with each ClearChoice Dental Implant Center. The primary function of CCMS is to provide business support to each ClearChoice Center. The practices are individually owned by the doctors. All decisions within the center are made by the individual practice owner. 

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